What should I do if my expected Vietnam domain is taken? (part 2)

November 22, 2017

In the previous post, we all know that coming up with the perfect Vietnam domain can be hard task enough sometimes.

So that, being faced with this hurdle can be enough to really frustrate you and leave you bewildered as to what to do. Don’t worry, keep following our tips bellow.

  1. Give the domain owner an offer

Before you actually make contact with the owner of your expected domain, there’re a few things you should be aware of. First thing is that the asking price for your expected domain may be higher than you expect. A good tip is to refrain from making an offer in your first email to the domain owner. It usually can be a cheaper option to ask the owner about the VN domain and if they will be willing to sell.

Once you are given a price, feel free to make a counter offer if you think their price is a little too exorbitant. It is not uncommon for people to overestimate or try to oversell the domains that they hold. If you want to avoid the whole negotiation process, you can hire a domain broker such as, which will help simplify the process on your end.

In the case that you cannot find or access the contact information of the domain owner, your best bet is to just sit and wait for the domain to expire.

domain vietnam

  1. Watch the domain

Should you fall short on being able to negotiate a fair and decent price for your domain, you can always choose to just wait for the domain .com.vn to expire and then try to purchase it before the owner has a chance to renew it. Do keep in mind that this method is not 100 percent guaranteed to work, so don not bank on it entirely.

The renewal process of your expected domain will depend upon the registrar the initial owner purchased the domain through. You can see where they purchased the domain from in the Whois information you found our earlier in the process. You can use a service like to keep tabs on your expected domain and to see when it becomes unregistered.


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