What makes a perfect domain .com.vn?

November 22, 2017

Choosing a great domain .vn requires a lot of thought and can be one of the most frustrating parts of launching a company.

Not only does it need consideration but chances are someone else will have registered the domain just when you think you have the greatest possible. You want your domain to perfectly fit your business but make sure that it makes you easy to find.

Want to know what makes a perfect domain before you start the agonizing brainstorming process? Let’s take a look in to tips below.

  1. Use keywords

You will want to think analytically about your perfect domain too, as such try and use keywords that people will traditionally search for when they are looking for a service your business offers.

  1. Keep it short and memorable

The longer and more complex your VN domain is, the bigger the risk your potential customers will misspell it. Moreover, short and simple is the best way to go – so if you have a website dealing with a complicated subject matter such as quantum physics.

This is the hard part. There are millions of registered domains out there on the big bad web, so coming up with something that is memorable and short and with a keyword in is a tall order. But once you have settled on a, you will know whether it works or not and once you are sure you will want to register it immediately.

Domain Vietnam

  1. Make it localized

If you are struggling to find a perfect domain and what you are offering is a particularly localized service such as plumbing, trying adding the region you operate out of.

These tips just scratch the surface of the most important aspects of choosing a perfect domain. And remember, our search engine allow you to find your perfect Vietnam domain which makes it easier for you.

  1. Choose a unique domain extension

You will notice that we have .com.vn at the end of our brand – this is great for us as it has the prestige and universal appeal of .com suffix but with the nationalized Vietnam suffix too. This also shows our global standing but our national approach. With more unique extensions coming fast nowadays – there are a lot of choices open to you if you want to go that route.