What is Vietnam domain propagation?

November 22, 2017

Vietnam domain propagation is the progress of transferring a domain to a new owner, and it is a progress that does not happen instantly.

One can expect to wait for anywhere between 1-2 days before the full switch has been made and your site starts showing up at its new domain. So, why does this happen? Well, in this article we will look into all things related to Domain Propagation – so read on to find out more!

  1. Domain propagation or DNS propagation

Domain propagation, also sometimes referred to as DNS propagation, is the progress of updating every server across the web with brand new information. Now, think about it – there are millions upon millions of service across the entire web, and all of them need to be updated. It is no wonder why there is a lag between when changes are made and when all the servers have officially registered it.

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  1. How does it work?

DNS servers have the job of translating IP addresses into domain. Even if your site has a short and simple name, the fact remains that it is also located at a not so simple numerical IP address. When you visit a site, a DNS server receives the VN domain that you type in and starts processing which IP address it has in order to send you to correct place. This is a progress that happens seamlessly, why is why you do not ever have to think too much into it. Actually, the only time you ever have to think about this progress is when you make a DNS change.

When you change domain or move to a new hosting provider, every single DNS server on the globe needs to register this change of information before they know how to translate your domain to the correct IP address. To further complicate things, different servers will receive updated information at different types, which is why you may be able to see new and updated information but your friend across the street may not.

Because DNS changes are quite rare, most DNS servers will cache information that they have gathered in previous searches. Therefore, if you searched one domain .com.vn last week and the DNS server was indeed able to translate the domain to a particular IP address, it will go into default and direct you to that same IP again. After a while, it will learn that changed have been made and that it should now send people who are looking for this the domain .vn referred to the new IP address where the site lives. It is also worth keeping note that browsers often cache the information received from specific sites, so even after a DNS server has updated, you may still need to clear your browser’s cache in order to see the new and updated site.

  1. When is this progress complete?

This can be tricky as your DNS server can register the update before someone else’s does. This is why you cannot assume that once you see the new site at its domain – that everyone else will as well. You can get a good idea of when your domain propagation is complete by using this tool. The results will not give you a 100 percent guarantee that every single person on the planet can see your new site, but it can assist you in confirming when the change has been completed for the majority of people.

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