What is the role of a VN domain registrar?

October 21, 2017

A VN domain registrar acts as the middleman between the registry operator and a registrant – the person who has registered a domain.

In relation to Vietnamese domain, the .vn name space is controlled by VNNIC; the registry operator for all Vietnamese top level domains. It is also the operator of second level domains. However, VNNIC does not provide services directly to the public. VNNIC provides accreditation to registrars so that those registrars can offer registration services to the public.

The domain registrars work as an administrator of website addresses and make them always available on the Internet in accordance with guidelines of VNNIC or in the case of .com, .info, .net, .org and other addresses, ICANN.

Annually, the registrar has to pay fees to registry operator for each domain registered through their service and depending on registry operator. Moreover, the Vietnam domain registrar plays a role in dispute resolution processes, like cases regarding cybersquatting; where there are accusations someone has registered a domain in bad faith or is ineligible to.

Bearing in mind that no one can actually buy a domain in Vietnam, just the rights to hire it, a registrant can be viewed as a tenant, the property owner.

Domain Vietnam

Domain registration services which are not accredited by organizations like the VNNIC or ICANN, yet provide web address registration, are often resellers. The resellers are an additional middleman between the registrar, the registrant and the registry operator. There are also other main differences between the resellers and the registrars you should be aware of.

When registering domain .com.vn, it can be a good idea to deal directly with an accredited registrar like Domain Registration Services.

Domain registrars sometimes also offer additional services, like hosting; making the task of registering a name and creating a website a one-stop-shop type process. It is important to understand that web addresses and web hosting are two separate services – and the availability of web hosting is something worth considering when choosing a registrar.