What are the downsides to private domain Vietnam registration? (part 2)

August 11, 2017

After all, you are just protecting your domain Vietnam registration and trying to keep predatory telemarketers and shady people away.

  1. Your reputation may be in question

The customers are far less trusting of brands these days, as is evidenced by a Nielsen research showing that more than 92% of consumers trust peer data and reviews over brand advertising. Some of your prospective customers may even go so far as to check the WHOIS information to verify whether your business is legit.

If you have a business web but your contact information of domain in Vietnam  is fully private, a prospective customer may decide that you are trying to hide something. After all, what does a legit business have to hide that they would not share their public data? Maybe you are not really that small-town maker of artisan furniture – you may be some scammer who is going to steal their credit card information. Transparency can go a long way towards alleviating the concerns of prospective customers.

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  1. Domain privacy protection is not always available

Depending on the top-level domain name that you choose, you may not be capable of installing privacy protection. It is widely available with most domain extensions with the exception of .cn, .us, .au, .asia, .eu, .xxx, .cc, .tv and .name.

  1. Who actually owns the domain?

Whenever you choose privacy or WHOIS masking, you should understand the implication of putting someone else’s information down as the registrar of the website. In the eyes of the registry, the individual or organization listed as the registrant for the domain name is technically the legal owner of that domain.

That means that even if you have paid for registration or not, you are not the legal owner if your name is not listed in the WHOIS. Mind you, you are not likely to get into a legal battle with the registrar about who owns the Vietnam domain name. Still, if it were to ever come down to a legal dispute, the registrar would come out the winner with their data down as the site owner.


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