What are the downsides to private domain Vietnam registration? (part 1)

August 11, 2017

Domain Vietnam registration and privacy protection may seem like a common sense choice when you’re setting up a new website.

There are some downsides to consider with an added service like this.

  1. The additional cost

When you want extra protection from a service like this, you are likely going to pay for it. Prices can vary from one provider to another, from a few dollars a year to a few extra dollars per month. The cost is not regulated by anyone, so the private registration services get to determine their rates. On one hand, you are paying for Vietnam domain privacy services not to publish your information. On the other hand, how much value will you get from that privacy? You have to decide whether or not it’s worth the added cost.

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  1. Is it really private?

You can pay to have your personal information kept private in the WHOIS record, but does your provider really keep your information private? It’s entirely possible that your registrar can sell or distribute your content information by other means. Whilst there’re ICANN policies in place, registrars have violated these previously. Therefore, there is nothing necessarily stopping less-trustworthy enterprises from sharing your registration information if someone were to contact them and ask for it.

Ensure you review the privacy policy of the registrar to make sure that information is not being shared or given out without your permission.

  1. Your information might still be public

Private domain registration can be installed at any time, but if your Vietnam domain name was already registered without privacy protection in place, your personal data might still be public. There are tools available that allow people to do historic searches and find previously listed ownership data on domain names. Some of the tools may even show transfer or sales records of domain names.

(be continued…)


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