VN domain on the race to the trademark

December 20, 2017

Business owners must choose a VN domain that they can market, brand and trademark via the web or other means like word of mouth marketing.

Race to the trademark

Though filing for a trademark may seem like it requires lots of effort, it is not complex. By looking through state and federal trademark registrations, you can see if there is a business related to yours with the same trademark. Registering your trademark federally is only necessary if you plan to scale out operations on a national level. Your trademark rights will extend as far as the limitations of your business operations at any given time.

Say what you do

It is optimal to strategically opt for a domain that explains what the business does. With this strategy, businesses pick frequently used words or phrases. These words explain what the business does and what people who have no prior knowledge of the business may Google to come upon its site. Business owners using this strategy have to be careful of pigeonholing the company into selling only a specific service or product. For many start-ups, this serves as a safe strategy, as startups want to gain credibility in their field. The tradeoff between fitting in and standing out can get some risks, but can pay off by giving their business a competitive advantage.

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Marketing via web

Ensure that your name is search engine friendly. A digital marketing specialist should advise you on building a strategy. How you plan to gain clients will influence your web strategy and name.

If the domain is taken by a legitimate company or squatter site, when the brand gets big enough you can buy the domain if it is a priority. Take some weight off your shoulders by acknowledging the many companies with alternatives to the field of domain or those with domain that differ from the name of the company.


A strong Vietnam domain can assist your marketing efforts. Choose a name which explains exactly what your company signifies or catches people’s attention. The business owners can get more of a risky approach and attempt to make a new word, a strategy that is effective for some industry disruptors. Whatever the plan, business owners have to ensure that is suited trademark research and procedures have been taken. Like all decisions related to a start-up, everything is subject to drastic change. To ensure success, business owners should never be married to any name.