Vietnam domain cloaking, masking and forwarding, redirection

December 20, 2017

Cloaking, masking and forwarding, redirection enable you to point your domain Vietnam to a page hosted on another server.

Which method is best – and should you be using these options at all? Let’s first take a look at what these functions do.

Domain cloaking and masking

Cloaking and masking mean the same thing. Using this method, your pages will appear in a browser “frame” while the browser address bar will show your domain. No matter what pages are visited on your site, the page’s addresses will not change when using masking.

Masking and cloaking or is not an perfect use of your domain because your users cannot bookmark specified pages and the search engine is more likely to list your pages under the server they are stored rather than under your domain.

URL forwarding & redirection

Again, VN domain forwarding and redirection are terms associated with the same function. The forward is often carried out through a 301-redirect or 302-redirect. When someone types your domain into their browser, the browser is told “go to your place”; with “your place” being the location of your pages. This means that the browser address bar change from your domain to the where your pages are actually stored after the redirect is complete.

Whilst a little better than cloaking, masking or forwarding, redirection is still less than ideal – particularly in the case of 302 redirects as this can be frowned upon by search engines

domain vietnam

The best solution

For a community group’s site, none of the above choices are as great as having a proper hosting account and configure your domain’s name servers to resolve to that location – something that is not often possible when using free hosting.

Domain .vn cloaking and forwarding are considered to be a redirect service you put on your email when moving to a new premise. However, using name servers is the real address of your new places. It is preferred by the search engines and will be preferred by your potential clients too. With a full featured hosting account, you will also have far more control and features at your fingertips for building your online business into an online success story.