Types of Vietnam domain acquisition deals

November 30, 2017

There are many types of deals that can be struck to acquire Vietnam domain, most of them will be discussed in this post.
There are two ways a buyer can finance a domain purchase, either with seller financing or 3rd party financing. In the case of seller financing, the buyer pays for the domain in installments over a set period of time, at a set rate of interest.

Standard acquisition
This is the most standard type of domain sale. The buyer agrees to acquire a domain for a set amount of money, and the deal is completed with one payment.

Lease to own
The buyer will lease the domain .com.vn at a set rate over a period of time, and once the full amount of the domain is paid, the buyer will take possession of the domain. If the buyer stops the lease payments, the domain is returned to the owner, who keeps the payments made up until that point.

Sale with a resale Bonus
A domain is sold under the guideline that if it is subsequently sold by the buyer, the original domain owner will receive a percentage of the future sale.

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Option to buy
A buyer pays a domain owner a set option price to lock in the ability to purchase the domain at a later date for the option price. If the buyer does not follow through, the seller keeps the option fee.

Trade of services
Instead of paying cash for a domain, a company will provide services of the same value for the VN domain. For instance, if a house cleaning service buys a domain, they will provide cleaning services to the seller of the domain.

Equity exchange
The buyer of the domain will subsidize the purchase price with equity in the company which will be using the domain. Instead of paying for the domain in cash, the seller will obtain equity in the buyer’s company or the company which will be started for the purpose of using the domain.