Tips to choose a profitable Vietnam domain for your online shop

September 30, 2017

There’s a lot to consider when choosing a Vietnam domain for your shop. It should be short, relevant to what you sell and easy to remember.

  1. Dos
  • If search is your priority, build a domain off keywords. Nowadays, it’s nearly impossible to get a general domain, like But clients who are planning to buy something will usually search with more specific terms. A domain that specifies what you’re selling is maybe better for business.
  • Carefully pick your top-level domain. If you can get .com, do it. People are most likely to remember it, and if they know your business but don’t remember the address, .com is the one they are going to try first. A slightly less popular top-level domain is .net, which means you can usually find your desired domain in .net even if the .com has already been taken. That said, ensure that .com does not go to a competitor’s page or something that could potentially harm your brand’s image. Non-profit organization typically uses .org or .info. There’s technically nothing wrong with top-level domains like .shop, but they have a bad reputation on the internet for being used in scams. If you sell regionally, having your domain .vn on a regional top-level domain like can be a great way to advertise your location.
  • If you’re building a brand, let’s use the name of your business or product/service. For instance. But if that name isn’t available, or if your purpose is to rank on a specific search term, you might have to get a little more creative.

    Domain vietnam

  1. Don’ts
  • Avoid domains that start with “the” or “my.” These words are usually dropped when used in conversation, and this effect seems to double when domains are involved. It is good for you not to take that risk, especially since there is a good opportunity the other site belongs to a competitor. But if you already have a domain that starts with “the” or “my” you should ensure that you repeatedly promote the full name.
  • Skip names completely unrelated to your products. It’s also good to avoid meaningless short domains.
  • Keep away from special characters, including alphanumeric characters and hyphens. Not everyone will have the ability to type them in, though other characters are now allowed. Special characters also cannot be used in DNS host names, so installing blogs, sub-domains and email can be quite difficult.
  • Unusual spellings can get complicated. A VN domain should be easy to remember and pass on. Just imagine your client trying to recommend your website to someone. “No, not It is yarns with a z, the number four, the letter u, dot com.” There is a high risk that your client will misspell part of the domain and wind up at a competitor’s page.
  • Extremely long domains are a drag. Though they can fare well in SEO due to the amount of keywords, they are difficult to remember and can be easily misspelled. Throw some alternate spellings in there and your client will never speak to you again. The maximum length of a domain is 63 characters, but it’s best to keep it under 25 or so.