Six common characteristics of brandable Vietnam domain

September 25, 2017

It is no wonder businesses today find it more and more difficult to discover a brand name and Vietnam domain they can own.

It is increasingly more difficult with the proliferation of online businesses and online business presence. If you are creative with your brand name, you can make it easier to find domain names that are not already registered, since most Exact Match Domains and even some best unique domain names are long-ago captured and buying one from squatters or prior owners can be too expensive to buy.

Brandable domain names, in addition to being available, typically incorporate most, if not all, of the characteristics listed below:

  1. Unique

They are distinctly different from your competition, they are intriguing in some way or express a unique personality.

  1. Relevant

Through either complementary or implied meaning, domain .vn relates to your product or service, goal, mission, vision, even if they do not describe it.

  1. Memorable

They are easy to remember and recall. Remember that this is different than uniqueness.

Domain vietnam

  1. User-friendly

Easy to spell, easy to say, no aural confusion, no use of numbers as digits, random abbreviations, or inside jargon; obviously reads at a glance as multi-words rather than a letter jumble; non-repeating characters to discourage keyboarding errors and so on.

  1. Brief

It is better for you to choose the short domain names – One or two words are best. This is partly about memorability but also partly about the ease of keying the domain into browsers and keying it without errors.

  1. Credible

They sound professional and trustworthy, even if so unusual and creative. As in many domains that list “quality”, “best” or “top” in their names, having to say you are credible in your name or Vn domain name probably indicates you are not. They look agreeable or positive, and are not easily corruptible.

If we look at the example of Google, it represents all of these characteristics, even though it is an odd word. For some, who did not know the mathematical theory meaning of a Google the name might have suffered a bit on the relevancy and credibility factors in the early days, but as it has become the standard for search all of those issues have disappeared.