Importance of vietnam domain registry

February 13, 2017

Vietnam domain registry is used to identify the location of a website or server on the Internet.

As we know, a domain name is the only one on the Internet.  You can’t register one domain belonging to someone. If you want to buy a domain for your business, let check if it is available or not, and register Vietnam domain name before someone buys it.


There are interesting story about 2016 USA presidential candidates who had to spend thousands of dollars just to buy their own domain name.

  1. Carly Fiorina

Have you ever thought to buy domain Vietnam for yourself. As former CEO of Hewlett-Packard, Carly Fiorina is in trouble with domain. This domain currently belongs to someone who was against Fiorina. On the home page there is only one sentence: “Fiorina laid off too many employees (nearly 30,000 people) in this period she worked as CEO in Hewlett-Packard from 1999 to 2005”. With this such “stigma” content, if there are anyone believe in her promise of creating jobs in the future. Carly Fiorina are using domain for the election campaign.

  1. Rand Paul

During the race for the president position, US President Barack Obama took advantage social network and internet influence to get more votes. However, other candidates have not got the “vision” as Obama. Recently, Senator Rand Paul had to spend money to buy the domain names to be the campaign homepage for presidential election 2016. According to information on, Rand Paul spends up to US $ 100,980 to purchase from website domain name service just before the official declaration of candidacy. None of domain name in Vietnam can make it. This is an ideal domain name including the name and surname of Rand Paul. Before getting this domain, Rand Paul uses the domain name do.


  1. Senator Ted Cruz

Senator Ted Cruz also gets trouble with website When access to this website, user you see the watchword: “Support President Obama’s immigration policy.” This slogan makes Ted Cruz feel uncomfortable because he opposed immigration reform policies of current President Obama in the election campaign. also belongs to someone. Fortunately he is Ted Cruz fan. This person just wants to meet personally Ted Cruz, not need money. Ted Cruz domain name is used to be home page of his presidential campaign.