How to choose appropriate vietnamese domain for seo

November 21, 2016

Choose appropriate Vietnamese domain name is the first step to build a website. A good domain is also good for SEO.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, it is the unpaid methods to make the website get higher rank in an web search engine. SEO is important marketing online tool to individual or business. Domain is the simple address to access your website.  Usually we cannot see the way that a domain affects to SEO. In contrary, a domain containing the important keywords or other associated keywords will help SEO operation more effectively.

Structure of a domain name

A domain consists of two components separated by dot (.): name of server and a domain extension.

For example:

“google”: the name of the server

“com”: second level domain name

“vn”: top level domain name

There two types of the domain name: Vietnamese domain name or international domain name. The Vietnam domain name is definite by “vn” as top level domain name.


How to choose a friendly domain name for SEO

If your company has an optimized name, just let it become a domain. A friendly domain should be easy to read, easy to write and remember. Nowadays many companies are intent to use “text logo”, that means using a text to make company logo. You can see a lot of famous logo like this: Google, skype, Coca cola … Google even changed their text logo many times from the day of beginning. So it is necessary for you to buy domain Vietnam that eases to make your company’s logo.

You have to prioritize short domain name, it should be as short as possible. It is hard for customer to read or remember long domain when they want to access to your website. But sometimes some short domains can make mistake. Because there many competitor have chosen the best domain name so let check carefully to avoid mistaking.

A domain name should not contain these components: #, $, @, -. Imaging that you must read your domain name to customer by a phone call and these special letters can make you get trouble! Customers are like to type wrong address.


You should choose Vietnam domain extension as .vn or, this is the most suitable domain Vietnam name. You can see lazada. Com, lotteria, travelvietnam .vn, tiki .com… and so on.  In case of the appropriate domains were possessed by others, you can choose .net. or .org or .ifo as domain expansion.

The international domain expansion good for SEO is ranked as .com, .net, .org, .info. If you use a Vietnam domain extension, just add “vn” as top level domain name. And the ranking priority will be .vn, .com,, .net, .org, .infor.

The friendly domain should contain keys the most important keywords or the other associated keywords. If the domain name and your main keyword are the same, it is advantage for SEO. You can easily be the top searching result in Google, Yahoo or Bing. For example: vinamilk, vinataxi, vinacafe…

If your company has many website, the best solution will be choosing the other associated keywords as subdomain name. For examples: teengirlfashion, girlfashion, fashionforgirl… You can add some special component like number, location into domain name to make it more impressive. For examples: 24, 360, newyork, tokyo, korean…

To choose Vietnam domain registration – hosting solutions, you have to spend much time on researching by specific tools such as google keyword tool, market samurai. And finally you should buy domain from reliable Vietnam domain privacy services because a quality supplier will offer you private management and custom configuration as you want.