How to choose a VN domain that connects with consumers

October 30, 2017

Understanding how to choose a good domain .vn helps you establish the clear point of differentiation you need to dominate clients’ attention.

  1. Create more memorable branding

With so many online retailers vying for clients’ attention, ensure you stand out from the crowd. Whether you chose a conventional .com or a new domain extension makes no difference in Google’s search rankings. What matters is that your domain is memorable and descriptive enough to generate clicks.

Another way to get memorability is by choosing a shorter domain that will improve the recall of your brand name. A shorter URL is obviously clearer, stickier and stronger. Ideally, domain will succinctly reflect your goals, vision, and values, establishing a strong first impression with clients.

  1. Create a more focused branding strategy

To attract clients, you need to create an online brand impression that is not only memorable but also relevant. Fortunately, there’re a lot of domain extensions that can help you do just that. For example, domain extensions like .store, .top, .shop,… will help you create a more controlled online presence that alerts clients to what exactly  you have to offer.

In case you have already registered a .com, it is also necessary for you to register your brand with these alternative domain extensions is a good defensive move as you will prevent cyber abusers from abusing your name.

vn domain

  1. Wrap up the year with greater online presence

The holidays are the important time for online retailers. Knowing how to choose a domain that optimizes your online presence allows you to establish the clear point of differentiation you need to dominate your consumers’ attention and sell more. Although much of this seems like usual marketing sense, online retailers will continue to do business against the backdrop of a competitive marketplace. Understanding how to choose the right top level VN domain will help you capitalize on the opportunities that do exist, which could make all the difference to your end-of-year bottom line.

  1. Target the right customer

One way to get the successfully connect with the clients you is by registering a country-specific domain extension, an extension indicates to clients that you share their language, currency and time zone. And best of all country-specific domain extensions have a strong impact on SEO because the search engines like Google use local IP addresses when generating search results.