Good advice for choosing your brand name and VN domain combo

September 20, 2017

Your VN domain should as closely approximate the main component of your trade name as possible.

Sometimes a vanity or tricky domain name can work, especially if your brand name is already established and uses relatively common words but do not make people work so hard for it, if you do not have to.

  1. Think like a customer

It is one of the hardest things to do; think from someone else’s perspective. In addition to looking at how names might appeal to a customer, instead of how they appeal to you, think of the customer from a user perspective. What are they most likely to recall? What terms or ideas would an everyday person use, as opposed to someone in the industry? Evaluate your possible variations and abbreviations. Ideally align your business name to what you plan to use as a domain name and be consistent everywhere. Make it easy for them to find you and as effortless as possible to remember you.

  1. Look at the competition and learn from it

Users scan results and make decisions about links to follow partly from excerpts, but also from the credibility, relevancy, and character of the Vietnam domain name displayed. Even if you get someone to follow a link, will they be able to remember and return if your domain name is a keyword mash-up or looks like thirty similar results? Can a user even tell the difference between multiple similar domain names based on remixes of the same generic keyword sets?

Domain vietnam

  1. Choose the most relevant keyword and work from there

A descriptive keyword, especially for your category, isn’t a bad thing. It is just not going to be a silver bullet to SEO today, given the many factors in search engine ranking. Users frequently still want to know what a website is about just from seeing a domain name, and depending on your business or industry that may be valuable. Search engines do get a signal from a keyword that it is likely that the site should be ranked for that keyword, but it is the depth of content that determines the ranking. Brand-able domain names and keyword domain names also do not have to be mutually exclusive. You can embed a keyword into a more unique branded name. Just keep in mind that it is better to have one strong keyword involved rather than a string of related keywords.

  1. Stick to the standard domain name suffixes

Unless you are doing work in foreign markets and want country-specific domain names, in most cases you are better sticking to the common domain name suffixes and doing more creative naming gymnastics to find a workable and available domain .vn in Vietnam, rather than snapping up exactly what you want available on newer suffixes. For one thing, unless someone’s just squatting on the common iterations that means there is already a business out there, or multiples, that could be easily mistaken for yours or where traffic meant for you might get pointed. People also tend to trust the main suffixes more or assume those businesses are either the “original” or have been established longer.