Ensure that your domain .com.vn meets the requirements

September 30, 2017

The domain .com.vn that you chose for your business communicates volumes of information to your potential customers.

Like an effective branding strategy, the right name sets the right expectations in the minds of people who visit and ultimately buy products from your website.

Choosing the right domain for your e-commerce website is just as crucial. Sometimes you think that if you have a name for your online business that choosing a name for your website involves nothing more than attaching a .com extension to your existing name.  However, it isn’t necessarily the best strategy and isn’t always possible, either.

Be original

Regardless of which domain you choose, you want to make sure to pick one that is original and is not currently being used by someone else. Remember, Vietnam domain is not really “owned,” they are technically “rented” by website owners for a specified period of time. Company names, product names, and slogans can be owned or trademarked, however, and people who attempt to use them without permission of the owner can be sued for copyright infringement.

Keep it straightforward and simple

Remember that the domain that you choose is the one that your customers will have to remember and enter into their browsers when they want to visit your store.  Choose one that is easy to spell, easy to remember, and does not confuse your customers.  This’s one case where being creative can actually work against you.

Domain vietnam

Focus on your products

Your first impulse is maybe to purchase a domain with the name of your company in it, as noted above. If you’re just starting out, in a niche market, or in a very competitive market, it may be better to choose a name that reflects what your business sells and provides, rather than using the exact name of your business.

Choosing a name that includes the keywords that you are targeting is a good way to give your e-commerce website an instant SEO boost, since once the search engines visit your website and index it, they’ll rank your website based on a number of factors, including keywords.

This’s not to say that choosing a VN domain that matches the name of your business is never a good strategy. In some cases, it’s a strategy that works very well. It really depends on a number of factors, including the type of products your business sells and the amount of name or brand recognition associated with your business.

For instance, if you purchase Costco.net and decide to start your own bulk goods warehouse e-commerce store, you’ll likely run into some trouble, although you have the legal rights to the domain that you are renting.