Domain hosting vietnam – 30 years to change

November 7, 2016

When first domain “.com” was registered on 03.15.1985, no one can imagine the impact of domain hosting Vietnam for the last three decades.

As we know Internet is a global computer network created by million devices all over the world. Unlike multiple organizations as telecommunication network, the Internet was constructed by just one level. Due to that such special structure, the address on the Internet is also established by specific way. Have you ever wonder how we can remember the large number of names of address on the internet environment? Thanks to domain Vietnam name we can make it.


“For the last 30 years, the Internet changes from a technical concept to the largest communication channel all over the world. We cannot imagine what the world will become without the Internet.” Verisign, the leader of a domain name suppliers said. “In fact, there are nearly 3 billion people online every day. Only in the US, the daily ecommerce transactions reach over US $ 300 billion and more than US $ 1.3 trillion all over the world. “

30 years, 3 billion people, US $ 1.3 trillion, that all thanks to three letters only. We should know that the amount of online transaction money is larger than the GDP of any other country in just 2 weeks.

The first domain name, is registered by a computer company in Massachusetts (USA). The company has closed but this page is still valid. At that time there is no global Internet network, including domain hosting Vietnam, which came into existence in 1991.

In 1987, there are 100 registered “.com” domain names. But now there is 1 “.com” domain names registered per second or 80,000 domain names per day. It is a huge number!

By the end of 2013, there are 22 domain name extensions including .net, .org, .edu, .food, .video, .goo, .rocks, .sucks and so on.

This seems so much for users, but actually we need more than that! According to Verisign, if the 2.5 billion Internet users now register 1 “.com” domain name per person and the registration will last for 30 30 million years, it will be a small account of valid domain names.