Domain transfers and account changes

November 27, 2017

When the ownership of a domain needs to change due to a sale or other reason, a domain transfer and account change.

This guide will explain how the process works and how to transfer a domain to a different registrar or account.

Upon agreeing to buy or sell a domain, the person who is acquiring the domain can generally choose whether to keep the domain at its current registrar or to transfer it to a different registrar. There are many reasons for selecting both options, so we will first start with the domain transfer option.

  1. Domain transfers

In order to transfer a domain from one domain registrar to another, the registrant of the domain needs to send the EPP code to the party acquiring the domain. The EPP code is a series of numbers, letters, and other characters that are exclusive to the particular domain. Some registrars do not call it an EPP-code, and they may refer to it as the auth-code, domain secret, or some other for this code. The registrant can either find this code in the domain control panel or must request that it be emailed from the current registrar, usually through a control panel link.

In addition to sending the EPP authorization code, the domain registrant must also unlock the Vietnam A “lock” is what prevents a domain from being transferred without authorization. Even if the buyer has the EPP code, a transfer cannot be done unless the domain is unlocked.

When the buyer obtains the EPP code and the domain is unlocked, then he or she will go to the registrar of his/her choice and initiate the transfer. During this process, the buyer will need to buy the transfer and enter the EPP code. Some registrars send the domain registrant an email with another security code as a means of additional security.

Many registrars send the domain registrant a confirmation email with a link to confirm or deny the transfer. Most will automatically process the transfer within 5 – 7 business days if neither link is clicked, though clicking the approval link may allow the domain to transfer more quickly.

Generally speaking, domain transfers can take anywhere from several hours to up to ten business days, though most are completed within a few business days. By transferring a domain to a different registrar, an additional year should be added to the domain’s registration.


  1. Domain account changes

In case a buyer want to keep the domain registered at the same domain registrar where it’s currently registered, the current registrant need to facilitate an internal domain push or account change. This can be done within the registrant’s control panel. There is generally not a charge for a VN domain account change, and the expiration date remains the same.

Depending on the domain registrar, the registrant will need to know some or all of the following information to complete the internal push:

  • Authorization code from within recipient’s account
  • Recipient account number
  • Recipient’s email address

The reason this information is needed is to prevent account changes to unauthorized accounts. For example, it prevents someone from pushing trademark or objectionable domains to another person. Once the account is changed successfully, both parties should receive an email from the domain registrar confirming that the push was finalized.


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