Domain check vietnam with whois

November 11, 2016

Domain check Vietnam with Whois is known as the popular tools that are used to check the information of the domain account.

The domain is used to identify the location of a computer on the Internet. It is also the name of network and server. Especially, a domain name is the only one on the Internet.  You can’t register one domain belonging to other. If you want to buy a domain for your business, let check if it is available and register before someone buys it.

  1. Check domain name account

To check information of your account, let access to (remember to change “” into your domain name). Most of Vietnam domain extension can be checked here.

In cases you cannot get enough information, you can check with the following websites:

+ Tucows (or OpenSRS):

+ GoDaddy:


Godaddy may be the most popular provider of domain and hosting today. It is famous for the cheapest price and good support service. If you check domain name with Godaddy, you will get the information below:

  • Date of registry, date of expiration and the latest date of update.
  • The domain owner (name, email, address, phone number).
  • Technical support (where you purchase or register domain).
  • Current DNS.

* Notes:

– If the information of domain name owner is informed as “Contact Privacy Inc.”, that means this is hidden. This service is charged you a reasonable price, but in some cases it will be provided for free to the new customers when they register domain names at the first time.

– If you don’t want to be disturbed by public information like that, let use Privacy service to hide your personal information.

  1. Check domain name DNS

DNS stand for the phrase “Domain Name Server”. It is a system that creates association of the Vietnamese domain names and the IP address of a web server. It helps the visitor access to a website through domain name easily.

When a server administrator needs to change their website, they will not need to change the domain name, but simply change the DNS or IP of the DNS.


And when your website operation is unstable, you will face to the errors because of wrong DNS records. Let access to (replace with your current domain name) to check DNS status.

  • A domain name needs at least 3 types of DNS records: A, CNAME and MX:

+ A record.

+ CNAME record.

+ MX record.