Do you need a trademark for your domain

September 25, 2017

Registering a domain for your online business is an essential step towards getting online.

Your web’s address will become your online identity — the word or phrase that people will use to find you on the Internet whether using a search engine or typing directly into their browser. For some online businesses, trademarking a domain is either unnecessary or impossible. However, others acquire a trademark to provide them with the legal recourse they will need should infringements against their domain occur.

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After all, why let someone else profit from the hard work you have put into developing your brand — and your website — if there is a method to prevent it?  With a trademark in place, you may be able to challenge any enterprises that uses a similar domain and sells similar products and services. Remember that your domain may be especially vulnerable if:

  • You use a branded domain: If your domain is your enterprise’s name, corporate identity theft becomes a larger problem. Whilst it is not possible for someone to register the same Vietnam domain, they may use a “spin-off” of your website’s address that accomplishes the same purpose. On the same note, trademarking a domain is probably not a choice for those who use a vague domain that describes the services offered by an enterprise, rather than the company itself. In fact, acquiring such a trademark could be impossible.
  • You do not register alternate extensions of your domain: When registering a Vietnam domain, it is an ideal idea to register alternate extensions and common misspellings before your competitors can. While the cost of maintaining multiple domain registrations can certainly add up, it can be cheaper than obtaining a trademark for your domain.
  • You are an online-only business: If your business only operates online, your VN domain is essentially your entire identity. With such vital placed on your website’s address, you need the better protection.

Prior to applying for a trademark for your domain, consider your business’ vulnerability to brand theft.  If you are high-risk – and your budget will allow the additional cost – it could be a worthwhile investment.