Are you at risk of domain cybersquatting?

December 20, 2017

Having to spend the time, effort and expense to combat domain .vn cyber-squatters is always a big problem to the business owner.

So what preventative measures can the typical business owner take to try and protect themselves from these internet extortionists in the first place? The followings are a few tips.

  • You should sign up every possible “typo” and keyword leaching domain. Start with your real domain and register .com, .net, .org and then continue down the list with typos and keyword leaching. Set up these additional domains to redirect to your primary/real domain. Don’t forget the losers who will sign up the hyphen (-) incarnation of your domain like this: or If you find one already registered and you do not hold a Trademark on it, then you need to watch the expiration date and try and sign up it as soon as it expires.

domain vietnam

  • Besides, if you have a VN domain already, then you have to ensure that you renew it in a timely manner. When you sign up a domain, it is not yours in perpetuity, you will need to re-register it every year. Most domain registering services will send you an email to remind you to renew but you can add an extra layer of security by calendaring this date when you initially sign up the domain site so you do not need to rely on this reminder e-mail. In addition, be sure that you do not wait until the last second to renew your domain. Some unscrupulous people have computer programs that scour registry services and will nab your domain the second it expires. Just think what this would mean to the site you spent thousands of dollars designing and which generates tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars for you?
  • Honest mistakes can happen to a Webmaster. If you receive a legal notice that your domain infringes on an existing mark which was registered before your domain, surrender it at once.
  • Sign up your Vietnam domain as a Trademark and consult with your attorney if you are not comfortable doing this yourself.

Whilst everyone recognizes the internet can be a great resource for businesses, both big and small, it unfortunately can also be a tool for those looking to get-rich quick at the cost of others. Cybersquatting is no exception and has been around almost as long as the internet. Whilst federal laws and other consumer safeguards have now begun to be put in place to protect businesses, new predatory practices are devised on an almost daily basis to try and side step these protections. A general understanding of this devious practice as well as the undertaking of several simple steps to protect a business’ good name is essential in this ever-evolving, technological world.


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