5 tips to buy domain in vietnam

October 18, 2016

There are 5 tips for you to buy domain in Vietnam. These will help you to choose the most effective domain for your business.

  1. As short as possible

The domain name must not exceed 63 characters, this is general regulation. The short domain name should be prioritized. Some customers are not proficient in using the internet so sometimes it is not good for user to type long domains when they want to access to websites. Moreover, you should know that many competitors can chose the same domain name as yours. So let research carefully before buying a short domain.


  1. Do not contain special characters

Domain name only includes letters of the alphabet (a-z), numbers (0-9) and minus (-). A valid domain name should not contain these components: #, $, @, %. A domain cannot start with (-). Although (-) can be accepted in some cases, you should avoid this because it is not an optimized domain. Some people use public domain Vietnam contains (-) due to the best same domain belonged to others, but a domain like this will put a limit on SEO (search engine optimization). Besides, you have to notice that the spaces are also invalid in a domain name.

  1. Easy to remember

A domain should be easy to remember, read and write. It should be a short meaningful phrase. When customer want to access your website, it is easier for them to remember your domain. Domain is not only and online address but also company’s brand, so making customers remember your domain will remind them of your brand.

  1. Do not make mistake

Due to a lot of company uses the same the domain name as yours, so customer can completely make mistake. They are likely to type your competitor domain instead of yours. If the competitors offer better products or services, the customer can buy from them. And then you lost your faithful customer!


  1. Based on target customer

Depending on target customers, you can choose Vietnamese domain names or international domain name. These followings are the most popular international domain extensions:

.com (communication): individuals, organizations and businesses in general.

.net (network): organization and businesses performed by network.

.org (organization): organizations and enterprises related to politics and society.

.info (information): organizations in the fields of economics, politics, culture, society.

.biz (business): individuals, organizations, business as the same as .com.

.gov (government): government organizations from local to central levels.

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