25000 invalid vietnam domain name are eliminated

October 18, 2016

The vietnam domain name is used to identify the location of a computer on the Internet.

Especially, a domain name is the only one on the Internet.  You can’t register one domain belonging to someone. If you want to choose Vietnam domain registration – hosting solutions for your business, let check if it is available or not, and register Vietnam domain name before someone buys it.

In the early March 2016, Vietnam Internet Information Center has conducted a program to eliminated 25,000 Vietnamese domain names. In this program there are a lot of domain name is returned to available for using.


The purpose of this program is to set the invalid domain name free for other users. That means if you registered a domain in Vietnam without using, it will be turn into free status. This is to avoid wasting of national Internet resources. Many optimized Vietnamese Domain has been returned to be free for new registration. After a month, there are more than 25,000 Vietnamese domain names purged and sent back to the start.

Representatives of VNNIC said, there are many optimized Vietnamese domain name “Beauty” that has been registered for so long such as: giatot.vn, giaitri247. VN, thegioi24h.vn, muabanbds.vn, thegioitintuc.vn, camnangdulich.vn… have been eliminated.

According to representatives VNNIC, besides 25,000 domain name Vietnamese just have been available, there are a long the list of Vietnamese domain names are likely to be eliminated if the users do not extend.


Before officially conducting this program, VNNIC informed to the domain owner to ensure that no one know about this eliminated campaign. The users register Vietnam domain name for so long without using and who do not extend Vietnamese domain names in January and February 2016 would become the target person.

You can register one domain for your product or service. But one company cannot remind customer buying its products with only one website. Customers are usually intent to search product information on the internet before buying. They get information in many websites, blogs… not just one. So if you want to get effective business, let buy more domain names related to your business. To meet the needs of the majority of the users who own Vietnamese domain name, the extension feature of Vietnamese domain name has been provided for free at VNNIC website from the beginning of the May 2015.