What is vietnam domain whois?

December 19, 2016

What is Vietnam domain Whois? This article will not explain intensively about this protocol but shows you how to use it for useful information.

What is Whois?

It is a query protocol (RFC 3912) that is widely used to query the database of user’s information register such as: domain name, IP address… This protocol will store and transport data as read document. That means after querying the database from various sources, it will return to a specific format for user read easily.

Domain WHOIS allows users to check the basic information of a domain, such as the registry, the owner, address, email, date of registration, expiration date…


However, there are some webmasters / Vietnamese domain names owners do not want to disclose this information for many reasons. To meet this demand, domain whois has offered services called Privacy Protection (or WhoisGuard Registrars like NameCheap). It helps to hide the personal information of the owner.

If Privacy Protection is necessary

There are some factors you should consider.

  • Reliability:

Users will trust your website if the information of WHOIS is clear and detail. They know who they are working with. It is more important to apply Vietnam domain privacy services for ecommerce websites. You should know that unclear the information will make reliability significantly reduce.

With the reputational domain provider with strong brand and many years of experience, this may be not importance to old customers. But sometimes some new customers can be confused with your service.

  • Convenience:

Visitors can contact you through information of email in the Vietnam domain name WHOIS. For example, they may want to contact for fixing error or make transactions such as website acquisition and domain acquisition.

  • Security:

Your personal information may be taken advantage by bad person and they can use it against you. For example, your personal account such as hosting, domains, email, bank account, credit card… can be exploited.

Imagine that you are a hacker and you have to choose one of two victims: one who has fake personal information and the other has full name, email address, home address, phone number and fax number? The second is the best choice right?

Privacy Protection is not really necessary if you have sufficient and regularly get knowledge of security on the Internet. If you’re not really confident, using Vietnam domain privacy services Privacy Protect is also a good choice.