What is a domain vietnam?

January 13, 2017

Have you ever wonder how we can remember the lots of address on the internet? Thanks to domain Vietnam we can make it.

What is a domain name?

As we know Internet is a global computer network created by million devices all over the world. Unlike multiple organizations as telecommunication network, the Internet was constructed by just one level.  That means every single device connected to the Internet will play the same role and be equal to each other. Due to that such special structure, the address on the Internet is also established by specific way.

For example, an address on the Internet is Users can’t remember that long and complex addresses so we use a simple name to name it.  That’s called a domain or domain name.


The domain name in Vietnam is used to identify the location of a computer on the Internet. It is also the name of network and server on the Internet. Especially, a domain name is the only one on the Internet.  You can’t register one domain belonging to someone. If you want to buy a domain for your business, let check if it is available or not, and register Vietnam domain name before someone buys it.

Structure of a domain name

A domain includes many components separated by dot (.). For example: house.com.vn. Each component is definite as bellows:

“house”: the name of the server

“com”: second level domain name

“vn”: the highest level domain name (top level domain name)

So what the different between the long and short domain name? One long meaningful domain name is really not hard to use and and does not affect the access speed at all. But it is more convenience for user if you register a domain name as short as possible. Because not everyone is proficient in using computer or the Internet, so sometimes typing a long and complex domain name into the browser address will make them uncomfortable.


How many domain name you can buy?

You can answer this question depending on your budget. That means you can possess as many Vietnamese domain names as you like. It is important that the domain name must be meaningful to your business. No one buys a large number of domains without earning with it.

You can register one domain for your product or service. But one company cannot remind customer buying its products with only one website. Customers are usually intent to search product information on the internet before buying. They get information in many websites, blogs… not just one. So if you want to get effective business, let buy more domain names related to your business. Just imagine that the customer accesses to 10 websites and all of them are yours! That’s great! This does not mean you have to create 100 websites. All you need to do is to transform 99 domains to one main domain, so easy, right? Vietnam domain registration – hosting solutions is also the good selection to reject your competitors.