Protect your business brand with vietnam domain

December 5, 2016

Nowadays each company has their own website with Vietnam domain name. This contributes significantly to brand awareness.

We often search information about product or service we are interested before buying. So access to one website becomes familiar with people.

For example, when you want to access to TEATREE Company website, you are intent to searching with phrase “teatree” or enter directly the addresses of or into the browser. We can see that domain name makes great contribution to the brand value of business.


Imagine that you are a tea tree provider. If you build a website and choose other domain name not “teatree”, you may get some issues as follows:

  • Lose some potential customers. Because of habit, they will visit the site but it cannot be your site.
  • Someone can buy the domain “teatree” and create a bad web then resell it to you. Your company is likely to buy it with the high price.
  • Your competitors purchase this Vietnam domain names, and created the site with false information about your company.
  • Brand reputation of your company can be reduced because of not owning good domain.

The litigation of domain name can take lots of time and money. Therefore to protect your brand at the beginning, you should register domain extension “.com” as well as .net, .org (if it is necessary) with the company name (or name of product/service).

International domain name

International domain includes extensions .com, .net, .org, .edu, .gov… as well as new domain extension: .aero, .biz, .coop, .info, .museum, .name and .pro…

Except for limited domains such as .aero, .buy, .coop, .museum, .gov, you can buy the rest directly from the registrar easily.


The international domain name shows that users are visiting multinational websites. That also means that if your company is oriented to foreign markets, the international domain name is the best solution.

ICANN is the organization that does statistic of public domain Vietnam providers (called registra). List of domain name providers are published on ICANN’s website.

National domain name 

A national domain names will end with 2 characters represented to country or territory for example .vn, .uk, .fr … When you register national domain name, users will know where your website comes from.

In Vietnam, domain name extension .vn can be purchased from Vietnam Internet Network Information Center (VNNIC) (under the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunication).

The second level domain is also provided by first level domain vendors. For example, in Vietnam VNNIC is the only vendor of domain names “.vn” as well as “”.