How to buy domain name in vietnam with

February 21, 2017

Have you ever heard about before? It recently becomes reputation provider in the fields of domain name in Vietnam service.

Introduction of is one of the senior suppliers and the oldest in the world with so many discount promotions that are not limited to the number of registry.

Advantage: always gets PayPal as a payment priority. You should transfer through PayPal instead of Visa or Master Card. However, in case you do not have PayPal, Visa or Master Card payments are still accepted normally.


The process of Vietnam domain registration with gets a few difficulties. However it will be one of the best providers of Vietnam domain registration today.

How to register domain with

Step 1:

  • Firstly you have to access to homepage to register and enter your Vietnam domain name in Search box to check if it is available.

vinahost-how-to-buy-DOMAIN-NAME-IN-VIETNAM-with-domain (2)

– Un-tick the Domain Privacy (if you want more privacy, then this item for charge of US $ 8.99 / 1 year) and click Add.

vinahost-how-to-buy-DOMAIN-NAME-IN-VIETNAM-with-domain (3)

  • Then check out 1 in cart.

Step 2:

Select “Create new” if you want to create a new account or “Already have an account?” if you already have an account. Here you select “Create new” and click “Continue” to the next step.

vinahost-how-to-buy-DOMAIN-NAME-IN-VIETNAM-with-domain (4)

vinahost-how-to-buy-DOMAIN-NAME-IN-VIETNAM-with-domain (5)

–  In the next step you will enter the coupon code to get discount

vinahost-how-to-buy-DOMAIN-NAME-IN-VIETNAM-with-domain (6)

–  At the “Contact information”, do as below

vinahost-how-to-buy-DOMAIN-NAME-IN-VIETNAM-with-domain (7)

At the “Payment Information” section, choose the method of payment by Credit Card or Paypal then finally click “Check Out” to make the payment complete.

vinahost-how-to-buy-DOMAIN-NAME-IN-VIETNAM-with-domain (8)

After payment of Vietnam domain registry completed, you will receive 2 emails from Do not care the first e-mail. The 2nd email with the subject “Password Reset Your Request” is important. You click the link to create a new password and choose the security question. You should notice that the password must have at least one uppercase letter, one number and one special character.

After all, there will be an email message inform that you have completed the payment information associated with your username. That means you have registered domain successfully.

For the first registry, you can get error:

“Your Transaction has been declined.

For security reasons, your purchase has been suspended and is being reviewed by our order verification team. The review process is typically quite fast and you will not be charged until the review is complete. If you have any questions, please contact our Billing Department at 800-403-3568 or”.

That means all purchasing originated from Vietnam is automatically refused, you have to contact their support team to get help. Let access to home page to click on Live Chat.

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