Effects of domain hosting vietnam to seo

December 26, 2016

Along with content, backlink, load speed, friendly URL… domain hosting Vietnam is an important thing that effects to SEO.

The effect of domain and hosting to SEO

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the unpaid methods to make the website get higher rank in the results of web search engine. SEO is important marketing online tool to individual or business. Domain is the simple address to access your website.  Usually we cannot see the way that a domain affects to SEO. In contrary, a domain containing the important keywords or other associated keywords will help SEO operation more effectively.

Let’s look back to google.com.vn. We can see that the search results by Google.com.vn and Google.com are a little different. There is the fact that google.com.vn will prioritize websites with domain extension .vn than others. This is to get the most exact results.


It is true that Vietnam domain extension is not important when you choose the national domain. So have Google prioritized national domain and hosting? This question is the reason of many discussions in SEO community. Some people argue that domain name with extension .com and .net is the best for SEO but others disagree. Someone say that the national domain name will get more priority than international domains.

You have to prioritize short domain name, it should be as short as possible. It is hard for customer to read or remember long domain when they want to access to your website. But sometimes some short domains can make mistake. Because there many competitor have chosen the best domain name so let check carefully to avoid mistaking.

Google always requires webmasters to optimize website for users, not only for the Google bot.  Maybe choice of Vietnamese domain names and hosting are just mall issue but each small factors will make the big one.


So depending on your SEO strategy you will choose the appropriate domain name. The selection of hosting is also very important to SEO strategy because Google can identify IP hosting of each country with its own priorities.

The effect of Vietnam domain registration and hosting solutions to marketing

Domestic hosting will make websites to load faster so that users can access to the websites easily.

In ecommerce, national domain name is always reliable than the other. It has higher prestige and security (national domain .vn and .com are the highest priority for google.com.vn, international domains .com, .net, .org… for google.com).